Let it go, I’ve discovered myself in my own life crisis.  
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My new “niece” my best friend just had her baby on the 21st! I’m so happy for her and this precious angel!
My boyfriend >

At this New Moon plant a seed for the universe to tend. Set your visions upon the stars.
Anonymous asked: hi! do u still work at firehouse subs! I just got interviewed today and I'm so scared to do bad on the job :( do u have any advice? Making subs just seems hard

I’ve been at Chilis now for a little over a year and a half. I did work at firehouse for two years, was actually about to take my serve safe to become a shift leader after my 18th birthday. It’s not a hard job. You just have to be able to multitask. I definitely would say it’s not worth it though considering starting shift leader pay was 8.25 an hour and Chilis hired me as a HOSTESS for 8.50 starting. I don’t know what they pay now but It’s honestly a really cheap company to work for. I would suggest trying to find another job unless you’re just doing it because your dream is to make subs with half and a quart pound of meat on it for the rest of your life. Lol it’s not worth it. I worked in store #1 the original firehouse and corporate and the owners were always in and out as well being cheap shits and annoying. But good luck, maybe you’ll have a better experience than me but paychecks less than 300 dollars every two weeks working almost 30 hours a week wasn’t worth it for me lol pointless to work that much for 150 bucks.

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BUMPdate the other day lol getting big I’m 28weeks today! 12 to go!
Awe he’s so big now!

I love my son so terribly much already

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